Product materials, use and storage

Created 27.8.2022

This page tells you more about the materials used in Arctic Wind Jewelry’s earrings and dream catchers. I have designed all the products myself and put the pieces together by hand. The materials have been carefully selected taking into account the wishes of the customers. I only use reliable companies as partners. I want to make beautiful products that are suitable for everyone – including people with allergies.

Wooden earrings and dream catchers

The wooden parts of the earrings and dream catchers are high quality Finnish PEFC and FSC certified birch plywood, which is environmentally friendly and made in Finland. The thickness of the wooden parts is 3 mm and as a material it is really light. The patterns are on both sides.

Acrylic earrings

The thickness of the acrylic parts is 3 mm and it is a very light material. The chosen acrylic is very beautiful material because it shimmers in different shades depending on which direction the light hits it. All product photos of the same product are taken from the same earrings, so you can see how much the color shade varies in the same product depending on the viewing angle and the direction of the light. Even the other earring may look a little different shade in the same picture, but they are the same shade. In this case, the light hits the other earring only from a slightly different angle. You can use the same earrings with many different colored clothes and the colors close to the jewelry are also visible in the earrings.

The shade of the acrylic part may vary slightly depending on the batch. If you like a certain model and color, it’s worth buying it then. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that I will can make jewelry in exactly the same color again. This also makes the earrings unique and many others don’t have exactly the same.

Metal parts

The metal parts have been chosen for Arctic Wind Jewelry’s products so that the Earring Hooks do not cause allergies to the user. This is really important for me. In addition, I appreciate that the metal parts are durable, do not darken or change color over time. The beauty of the metal parts and the finish of the product have influenced the choices in addition to the above-mentioned features.

Surgical steel jewelry parts

In some of the products are used 100% stainless steel as metal parts, which is known also as surgical steel. According to jewelry dealers, surgical steel should not cause allergies to the user. At least on the pages of these two online stores that sell surgical steel jewelry parts, you can find good information packages about surgical steel:

Niobium jewelry parts

Niobium is used in some of Arctic Wind Jewelry’s earrings, because I fell in love with their beauty and the material is very suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skin. Niobium also does not rust or darken with time. As a material, it is more expensive than surgical steel, and because of that, it slightly increases the selling price of the earrings. However, I don’t think you will be disappointed with Niobium earrings. Niobium is perhaps still a little unknown as a material at least in Finland, but at least on Tulihelmi’s website you can find more information about the material:

Packing materials

The earrings are delivered in a lovely matte brown ECO jewelry box.

Product use and storage

Below are listed some recommendations on the use and storage of jewelry:


  • It is recommended to remove the jewelry always before showering and swimming.
  • It is also recommended to store the earrings in the jewelry box or some similar place when they are not in use.
  • When using perfumes, etc., it is recommended to wear the jewelry after putting on the perfume.

Dream catchers

  •  It is recommended that the dream catcher is kept protected from the raining on a covered terrace or inside in a motor home, trailer or camper van etc. This way the material stays good.

P.S. Many have said that the products are even more beautiful live than in the photos. So you will definitely be positively surprised when you receive the package.

I hope that you found the all the needed information of the products. Please feel free to contact me if you have any issue in your mind. I am always happy to help you.

Have a great day! 🙂

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