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A breeze of Northern and Lapland’s magic and Northern Lights to You. A piece of the most beautiful nature, sea, waves, mountains and good wind. A warm and colorful breeze in the middle of the darkest season. Arctic Wind Jewelry’s Wooden and Acrylic Earrings and Jewelry gets smiling even on the grayest day. 

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Lapland Lover earrings
Wooden Earrings
Arctic Wind Jewelry - Aurora borealis Finland earrings
Acrylic Earrings
Unisieppari retkeilyautossa
Dream Catchers

Hi! Welcome to Arctic Wind Jewelry’s little boutique. Arctic Wind Jewelry has 4 beautiful collections. There are earrings and dream catchers included to these collections. The products are designed and handmade in Finland. The jewelry is a perfect souvenir from Lapland and from Finland. They are also a perfect gift for a woman who loves beautiful arctic nature, magical winter wonderland and amazing aurora borealis. Used materials are high-quality Finnish birch plywood and very special and beautiful acrylic. Metal parts are chosen so that they don’t cause allergies. As paying options you have here PayPal, Finnish banks, Visa, VisaElectron, MasterCard, Mobile Pay, Pivo, Siirto, OP Lasku, Walley and Jousto. Enjoy to visit here and have an amazing day and thanks for ordering lovely earrings for yourself or as a gift! Cheers, Linda – Arctic Wind Jewelry

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Arctic Wind Jewelry

Wooden parts

High-quality Finnish PEFC- and FSC-sertified birch plywood which is nature friendly and made in Finland.

Niobium -ear wires

According to retailers, the perfect material for sensitive and allergic skin due to Niobium's hypoallergenic properties. It should not rust or darken. By clicking on the link, you can read more about Niobium directly from a retailer's website. Niobium as a material is more expensive than surgical steel and that is why Niobium earrings are more expensive.

Acrylic parts

A unique material that creates a wonderful effect. The colors next to the jewelry are reflected from the jewelry and the light comes through the jewelry in a really beautiful way. The color of the material can vary depending on the batch, so you may not get the exact same shade again. However, the product image is always taken from the product on sale.

Surgeon's steel -ear wires

According to retailers, surgical steel is a high-quality stainless steel that is suitable for people with sensitive skin and allergies. It shouldn't darken either. Surgical steel is a cheaper material than Niobium, which is why the selling price of the earrings is slightly cheaper than Niobium earrings.

Inspiration comes from arctic nature, mountains, sea and wind

Arctic Wind Jewelry – Tarina

For a long time, I dreamed of having my own little jewelry store, and now it’s finally here. I have designed the products myself and they are handmade in Finland.

The wooden parts are high-quality Finnish birch plywood and the acrylic products are unique in color and the light comes through them in a really nice way. The earrings are light.

The materials of the earring hooks have been chosen in such a way that they are also suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skin. I hope that the jewelry would bring joy to the wearer and help with the longing for the north. Have a nice day there! Cheers, Linda

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Arctic Wind Jewelry