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Created 28.8.2022

Before Arctic Wind Jewelry

Last year in 2021, when I was on a combined maternity and study leave, I unexpectedly received a notification that there is no job to return to after the study leave. I started looking for jobs in my field, but it seemed to be quite difficult after being away from working life about 2 and a half years. So I thought that some backup option had to be figured out.


So what would you do if you couldn't find a job?

I didn’t know in advance how it feels to be unemployed. I tried not to stress the situation, but it did subconsciously affect me, when in the evenings I couldn’t fall asleep except by watching a series or a movie. In a way, the “vacation” continued, but it didn’t feel like a vacation at all, when you didn’t know anything about the future and because you didn’t know when the job would be found. Our child was starting kindergarten in the autumn and my husband had his own job and I wondered what I would do all the days.



I had been dreaming of making my own style of jewelry and dream catchers for a long time, but I didn’t really know what kind of they could be. When I was younger, I used to draw a lot, but that hobby had just forgotten. I received encouragement and tips from a professional already working in the field. My student friend also encouraged me to start and made the first draft of the topic I proposed. I finished the sketch and edited it a bit. At the same time I noticed how much fun it was to draw for a long time. I was totally excited and soon the first sketches of my own were born.



Then my husband started his summer vacation and started our trip with the family to the North. I could fill out job applications from the trip and participate in possible interviews remotely. During the trip, I got something else to think about, when before my thoughts only revolved around looking for a job and whether I could do anything at work again after a 2.5 year break. My previous work was technical and required a lot of thinking and problem solving skills. We adventured around Lapland and Northern Norway admiring the scenery and even got to kite surf a few times during the trip.



During the trip, I also got to fulfill a dream: to kite surf for the first time in my life in the Barents Sea, which is part of the Arctic Ocean. The wind was good for a really lovely beach. The size of the waves was a bit scary at first and the fact that you had to go into the water alone. The hobby days had become a little less after our child was born. In the end, however, the experience was unforgettable.



 The trip also brought new Jewelry ideas and the brand began to take shape in my mind. Then I thought that now there is at least something to do for the fall, from which I could maybe get a little income also. And I could learn completely new things: doing an online store, product design, thinking about packaging, creative drawing, things related to starting a company,… And despite all the excitement, I started my own company and jewelry brand called as Arctic Wind Jewelry.

iWhere does the inspiration for the products come from?

The topic of the products was really clear to me already from the beginning and I wanted to make products about fascinating topics. So, the inspiration for the products comes from:

The wind and the beauty of northern nature have fascinated me for a long time. The wind has been the reason to travel for 8 years now, anywhere in the world. Mostly, however, perhaps in the direction of the north and to Northern Norway, which has inspired me again and again both in summer and winter. Anyone who enjoys kite boarding knows that the feeling when you arrive at a suitable place for the hobby and feel the wind in your face and start thinking about what size kite to use. However, as a mother of a small child, you have become calmer and wonder if you still dare to go, just to make sure nothing gets hurt. Longer hobby breaks also make you wonder if you can still do it.



With a kite, you can admire the scenery from a slightly different perspective: from the sea to the beach and in winter from the top of the fells. The feeling of freedom brought by the wind is also addictive. When traveling with the wind, you can end up in the most beautiful places, where you probably would never have ended up without the hobby. It’s hard to even describe the feeling and freedom of kite surfing and kite boarding on the fells in words, but I hope you could feel it through the products. I also hope that the products would make you smile and help you decrease the longing of the north and bring you joy to the darkest days of the year.

Arctic Wind Jewelry

Arctic Wind Jewelry:llä on 4 eri kokoelmaa: Arctic Wind Jewelry’s Collections includes earrings and dream catchers to bring a relaxed feeling and a smile to your day. When you can’t be in the north, jewelry and dream catchers will help with longing and remind you of unforgettable moments. Arctic Wind Jewelry has 4 different collections:

All products are designed and assembled by myself. The metal parts have been chosen in such a way that they are suitable for everyone – including those with allergies. In the packaging materials, attention has been paid to ecology, however, taking into account the place of sale. For online store orders, the earrings come in a lovely brown ECO jewelry box, where you can store the earrings when they are not in your ears.

I make the products in Lohja which is near Helsinki in South of Finland.

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Linda / Arctic Wind Jewelry